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Commercial Finance

A Quick Breakdown of What We Do

The groupings below are by no means an exhaustive listing of all that we can do. We have a wide variety of underwriters from which to offer options, so if you have any requirements outside of those below please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 66 33 46


Asset Purchases

The core of our business lies in assisting clients invest in machinery and equipment. Unlike most bankers and a large amount of finance companies, almost all of our funding lines secure solely against the item being purchased, without bringing in your personal house and putting this on the line.

We can offer structured terms with competitive rates. We have a raft of offshore funding options as well as the best local facilities in the marketplace. We can offer machinery rates on company vehicles and provide a solution for used and new equipment (the oldest machine we have funded is a 1957 Engineering Power Press!).

Leasing and Rental Products

In many circumstances we can offer a lease or rental product which provides a better management of your tax position. This is off-balance sheet funding, and can be structured to leave the equipment on your floor at the end of the term if required, or rolled over to a new piece of equipment at the end of the term.

These facilities are extremely common in Australia, however relatively under-used in New Zealand. There are advantages and disadvantages, and we can help demysitfy the marketplace and go over all of the options available out there.

Trade Finance and Importation

Some of our clients see the opportunity to import machines from off-shore as a great way to source certain equipment that might be difficult or expensive to purchase in New Zealand. This can be a risky method of purchasing, so the client has to be fully informed of the pitfalls that can happen. We have assisted in financing the import of a large number of machines, and can navigate the sometimes complex requirements of a letter of credit and local funding.

Invoice Discounting

This has been known over the years by a number of different names, most often as Invoice Discounting or Factoring. As an alternative to the bank overdraft this method of funding fits with a certain client type. Effectively this form of funding gives you the cash for an invoice up front before the client pays, 'selling' the invoice to the funder for a slightly lower amount of cash up front (the discounting). Often if a business has a great deal of value tied up in debtors, this can be a good way of unlocking that.


About Us

One Finance and Insurance is a boutique firm operating out of beautiful Titirangi at the foot of Auckland's Waitakere Ranges. Offering a friendly professional service, helping clients across a wide range of industry types to take control of their finances, nationwide.