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Business Insurance

A Quick Breakdown of Types of Cover

The groupings below are by no means an exhaustive listing of all that we can do. We have a wide variety of underwriters from which to offer options, so if you have any requirements outside of those below please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 66 33 46.


Material Damage

Otherwise known and Fire and Theft Cover, this is the basic asset level cover of any business. In the case of an accident or disaster, the plant, contents, stock and other material assets in the business are covered for either full replacement or indemnity value.


Whenever you provide a product or service to a customer there is a chance for liability. Whether an accident in production causes a fire which spreads to a neighbouring factory, or a customer experiences a loss because of your product, liability is the cover that is required to mitigate this.


When moving products around the country, or around the world, transit cover is required to hedge against this chance of loss. Shipping a machine or batch of products to a customer on the other side of the city? What happens if it is dropped and broken during this?

Commercial Motor Vehicle

Most businesses have company vehicles that are used in their freight and sales functions. Whenever a vehicle is on the road there is a chance of liabiliy arising out of its use. Our vehicle facilities offer competitive insurance rates as well as high liability limits, and can be adapted to your individual needs.

Machinery Breakdown

Similar to a mechanical breakdown warranty on a vehicle, we can provide a form of cover over your machinery to ensure continued running in the event of a breakdown. This cover relies on continued servicing and maintenance so please give us a call if you have any questions and we can provide a more detailed explanation.


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